What it takes to make Money Blogging with Adsense in 2007

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Mari kita ambil apa yang ada didalam ebook What It Takes To Make Money Blogging With Adsense In 2007 v2 berikut ini yang ditulis oleh seorang Daniel Tan. Sudah lama memang ebook ini dibuat, namun mungkin saja didalamnya ada suatu pelajaran berharga yang belum pernah kita ketahui. Ok, jangan berlama-lama, langsung saja kit abaca dengan seksama :D.
2006 has seen many extraordinary changes in the blogosphere as well as Adsense. More and more people are entering the world of blogging, and many of them are putting their hands on Google Adsense to generate a part-time income.
Some of them made it successfully and become full-time blogger. They are able to climb to the top of the Adsense ladder and cash their tens-of-thousands checks, laughing all the way to the bank, while others are still scratching their head in dismay trying to figure out what went wrong
This special report is written specifically to outline what works and what doesn’t. Without further ado, let’s get started.
What Doesn’t Work:
1) Duplicated Content
It surprises me when I receive emails asking me where to scrap content to make money from Adsense. Don’t waste your time. Google is penalizing on duplicated content. If your blog is filled with content copied from article directories or free-to-copy articles, you will end up in the recycle bin of not only Google Search Engine, but the mind of blogosphere. It is so easy to detect a piece of duplicated content. Don’t use them unless they are really that good that you need to let your readers read. If you currently run a blog full of duplicated content, consider dumping it if it is not making you money. If it is making you money, it won’t be long. You have to insert unique content into the blog to save it from being swept.
2) Merely A Diary
If your blog is merely a diary without a theme, it can be hard to make money from Adsense. You can make much more if your blog is closely focused upon a theme. If you are planning to start a blog in 2007 for the purpose of cashing with Adsense, forget about a diary. The ads appearing on a diary cannot be well targeted. People will not click if there is no relevancy of the ads to the content. People are hungry for information, especially information that solves their problem, provides convenience or provides entertainment. Think of a creative theme and rock on it, just not a simple diary.
3) High Paying Adsense Keywords
The hype is still around. People are spending thousands of dollars acquiring high paying adsense keywords. They are near to non-existent. Google has smart pricing that rules in the favor of the advertisers. Google has never disclosed how many percent of revenue it is going to share with you. If you found a keyword that advertisers are paying $25 per click, it is unlikely that you will earn $12 a click on that keyword. In fact, it is suggested that you steer away from the keywords appearing in any suggested high paying keyword list when you are first starting out. They do not pay what you think they will pay, but the competition is stiff. You might not even get a click at all, so why bother spending a whole 120 pages blog on the keyword?
4) Blind link exchange
Till these days, I still receive emails requesting a “blind” link exchange. I am always happy to get a request about link exchange, but when I look at the proposed link, it has nothing to do with my theme! I am writing about gardening and someone send an email asking for link exchange with his blog about Car’s Performance! Blind link exchange will not work. In fact, it is rumored that blind link exchange will not make but break your blog. You cannot control who is linking to you, but you have absolute choice on who you want to link to. If you link to spam blogs, called splogs, Google might think you have problem distinguishing what’s good and what’s not and penalize on you for that. Be careful on the link you are sending out.

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